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Kvinnohojden is a feministic course- and guesthouse that is situated in the little village Storsund outside Borlange in Dalarna, Sweden. It is owned and operated by a non-profit organization that has had workshops since 1981. All women are welcome to participate in workshops, or to come as guests. Everything is operated non-profit and is run from a feministic perspective and pedagogic.

An haven where you can meet other women and develop yourself. A meetingplace for young and old, heterosexual and lesbians, mothers and women w/o children. We all become confronted with our ways to relate to other women, which can be provocing, irritating, liberating, changing…

Kvinnohojden is a feministic course – and guesthouse, which means that we strive for women’s personal and social liberation. The farm lays in the village Storsund by the lake Runn in Dalarna. Dalarna is a province in the midwest of Sweden, about 3 hours (train, bus or car) northwest of Stockholm. It is owned and operated by the ”Kvinnohojds-group”; (a non-profit organization) that has had workshops since 1981. Here you can find fresh air and beautiful surroundings to walk and run in. We have ”gathering-rooms”, library, ”work-out-room”, photo-lab, sauna and boats. We have a very small sailboat, a rowboat and two canoes. In the houses there is room for about 40 women.

Kvinnohojden becomes what all the women that comes here make her into. Everybody cooperatively takes responsibility and participates in practical chores like cooking and cleaning.

Our goal is that the activities at Kvinnohojden shall be liberating, both on a personal level and social. Where there is oppression, we want to make it visible and break it. Together we women create a community that functions as a haven from the outer, visible oppression in patriarchal society, for example discrimination at work, ”women-negative” commercials and men’s violence against women. This outer visible oppression creates an invisible inner oppression within us in the form of bad self esteem and prejudice against ourselves and other women. This self-oppression can be difficult to identify and put into words. Therefore, we work with developing liberating working methods.

We want to break down the traditional authority patterns in different roles and give space for everyone’s experiences. It is important that each women has the opportunity to feel safe, welcome and respected in the group.

A cornerstone to our activities is ”the round”, where each woman gets to say her opinion without being interrupted or questioned. We divide ourselves into ”base-groups”, small groups without a leader, where we get the opportunity to concentrate on whatever feels important to us.

The simplest way to apply for a course at Kvinnohöjden is by writing a mail to us, please notify us about the following:

  • Which course you want to attend
  • Name and address
  • Telephone number day/evening
  • If you go by train/bus/air to Borlänge, date and time of arrival
  • If you go by car and have place for passengers
  • If you want to accompany somebody as a passenger
  • If you bring any children, age and number
  • If you want to stay in an allergy room
  • If you want to book a room for animals, notify type of animal and how many you will bring

Registration is personal and binding, a registration fee of 300,00 kr should be deposited into our Plus Giro account
2 95 23-8. If you are paying from abroad, use number: IBAN-SE1195000099603400295238 BIC-NDEASESS.

Ideas on courses are most welcome!


Storsund 90
784 78 Borlänge

+46 243-22 37 07